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Matt Cutts SEO by Miklin SEO

Organic SEO with Matt Cutts SEO and Negative SEO

GREENWOOD VILLAGE-Matt Cutts released a video titled, Negative SEO, where he addressed the topic of creating SEO campaigns to attack competitors instead of using best SEO practices to organically build a personal brand. This method of SEO is referred to as Negative SEO. The organic seo experts at MiklinSEO thought it could be fun to play around with the subject -Negative SEO-in this organic SEO syndication titled, Matt Cutts SEO by Miklin SEO.

MiklinSEO supports Google and Matt Cutts in their efforts to decrease fraudulent authorship in the search optimization sphere. This SEO experiment is solely for educational purposes. Come learn 10 SEO Tips To Adapt To Google Penguin.

Well Matt, we would like to show you how we used the practices of Negative SEO to attach our brand, to your name! On Google, search for the phrase “Matt Cutts SEO.” On the first page of the results, websites linking to Matt Cutts’s personal brand show up, along with a few prominent SEO blogs, which have recent articles mentioning or referring to him. Look, at the first paid search results. What do you see? Is it MiklinSEO?

While MiklinSEO is mainly an organic seo firm, Alexander Miklin, MiklinSEO President, belives it is important to gauge high ranked organic keywords into an optimized and robust paid search marketing campaign on Google Ad Words. MiklinSEO currently has four separate and granular Search Engine Marketing Campaigns: three running on Google AdWords and one running on Bing Ads. These ads serve a very important function for MiklinSEO.

Organic SEO services can be a very lengthy process, and sometimes, a client will need competitive results-on the spot-and MiklinSEO has the ability to do just that. This is where Search Engine Marketing or SEM is useful. SEM is a fantastic tool to gain paid authority over a keyword, almost instantly. By selecting keywords and phrases that a brand has authority over, and arranging them in a grammatically correct way, the quality score of each of the keywords skyrockets. For example, MiklinSEO has been conducting an SEO experiment, based on gaining authority over the phrase Miklin, http://miklinseo.com/miklin. Currently, MiklinSEO places on the second page of the organic search results for the phrase, Miklin. So in the meantime, MiklinSEO decided to build a granular paid search campaign using Google AdWords, with relevant keywords selected, linking MiklinSEO to Miklin. Type the phrase “Miklin” into Google and test it out.

Now that a better understanding of MiklinSEO’s methodology on Search Engine Marketing and paid search tactics using Google AdWords has been established, let us come back to the original subject matter, Negative SEO and the current organic SEO experiment MiklinSEO is conducting based on the video titled Negative SEOby Matt Cutts.

When the phrase Matt Cutts SEO is typed into the Google Keywords Tool, the results show that each month there is 1600 global searches and 480 local searches, for the keyword Matt Cutts SEO. MiklinSEO decided to capitalize on these results. By creating an organic press syndication, which is relevant to the phrase Matt Cutts SEO, MiklinSEO will gain organic authority. Read more about Matt Cutts and MiklinSEO. http://miklinSEO.com/matt-cutts-seo/

Soon, when a user types the phrase Matt Cutts SEO into Google, not only will MiklinSEO be the first link in the paid search results, but MiklinSEO predicts, that they will appear on the first page of the organic results, as well. Gaining authority over both the paid and organic results of any phrase or keyword, should be the ultimate goal of any search engine optimization expert. MiklinSEO currently ranks first for a multitude of keywords -organic and paid- and hopes to rank for this new phrase.

Come learn about socially optimized keywords.

Alexander Miklin

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