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10 Easy Tips to Social Media Optimization With a Focus on Socially-Optimized-Keywords by MiklinSEO

10 Easy Tips to Social Media Optimization With a Focus on Socially-Optimized-Keywords


Socially Optimized Keywords and Organic SEO


In this release, 10 Easy Tips to Social Media Optimization by MiklinSEO, organic-seo enthusiasts can learn ways to socially optimize their current SEO campaigns. MiklinSEO recommends doing the ten following things with your current organic-seo campaigns, which will lead to the production of socially-optimized-keywords, and low CPC on Google Ad Words.

  1. Build and optimize Facebook account
  2. Build and optimize a Twitter account.
  3. Build and optimize a Google Plus account
  4. Build and optimize a IMBD account.
  5. Build and optimize a YouTube account.
  6. Build and optimize a Go!Animation account.
  7. Build and optimize a LinkedIn account.
  8. Build and optimize a Pinterest account.
  9. Build and optimize a seoMOZ account.
  10. Build and optimize a Elance account.


Would anyone care to see Google Penguin Update working right now? Read 10 SEO Tips to Adapt to Google. An seo-experiment was conducted by the organic-seo experts at MiklinSEO, based on Google Penguin Update and Social Media Optimization. There is a powerful presence that can be created through social media optimization.

MiklinSEO posted a link to the company’s top ten television picks for 2013, on Imbd, a popular media review site. When the phrase MiklinSEO is typed into Google, the review conducted on IMBD shows up on the second page of results.

The conclusion of the experiment was that social ranking has an immediate positive impact on an organic-seo campaign. It is important to create a “top 10 list” on as many review sites as possible. Also, it is important to provide a link to the original website with the “about” section of the review. This provides the original website with a powerful, free, and organic link which increases the website’s authority and visibility on Google Search.

Socially-Optimized-Keywords are words and phrases selected that are relevant to the company’s social media profiles. For example, in this segment, MiklinSEO created authority with the phrase “Organic-SEO-on-IMBD.” The links which were created appeared on Imbd, Facebook, Twitter, and MiklinSEO.

Social Media Optimization is becoming a very important part of SEO because of Co-Citation. With Google Penguin, a site may be indexed without a live link. This is because Google has the ability to detect social presence. By being mentioned over newsfeeds on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, a company’s social presence is created. This will increase the page authority of the original website over time.

Creating a charismatic brand on Google is very important. A charismatic brand can be defined as any product, service or company for which people believe there is no substitute. The desire to better a brand through offering products in a transparent, relevant and creative manner leads to high ranking with Google search. Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are starting to “hold hands” in the search engine optimization world. It is important, especially in organic-seo, to create as many social media profiles as possible, with relevant and creative information linking back to the company website. This will not only create a new line of customers, but it will raise the company website ranking on Google.

This Social Media Optimization and Google Penguin Update was conducted and designed by the organic-seo experts at MiklinSEO.


MiklinSEO is an organic-seo firm located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Their company url is http://miklinseo.com. Learn more about the Google Penguin Update and reach them by telephone at (303) 947-4097.


Come learn about how MiklinSEO organically branded themselves to Matt Cutts SEO.



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