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Organic SEO Industry in Denver

Organic SEO Industry Denver

There’s no question, the organic SEO industry in Denver has changed and is changing dramatically every day. For example, because spam is much less prevalent due to it being filtered out of search results, the so-called invisible hand has forced companies to revert to quality over quantity by providing content on their websites that customers genuinely care about and that they can relate to. Fact is, if what you have on your website is garbage, people are not going to come back no matter how high up you are on the Google search results.

On most websites there are generally two types of content: foundational content and community building content. The extent to which you use each one is what’s important. Foundational content is the self-promotion kind of stuff that cannot be avoided; it tells the visitor who you are, what you do, and why you exist. Community building content, on the other hand, is the sort of content that relates not so much to your product but more toward your target demographic. While the purpose and formation of foundational content is quite straight forward, the process implementing community building content is slightly more vague and up for discussion. In the end though, the goal is the same: to form a lasting emotional connection between your product and the customer.
Idyllically, your foundational content will also contain at least some value as well. This can be done, for example, by telling a story about a customer’s use of a product (or better yet, letting the customer tell the story). Patagonia is a company that does a masterful job of combining both types of content. For example, they will advertise having the best parka, and back it up with a video of how it’s made, what makes it so good, and a customer testimonial to boot. There needs to be more to your company than just selling for a profit; you must show your target demographic that you can relate with their ideologies.

The best content strategies will combine your business objectives with customer ideologies. This can be done most effectively be providing the customer with content that they actually want to read. You must rework your foundational content to consider four things: What makes you and your company unique?, who are you targeting?, what do they care about?, why do they care about it? Value within foundational content will not only satisfy the intent of the users, but also enhance the user experience. A customer cannot resist coming back if you provide them with content that dives beneath the surface.

In the end, providing quality content is a valuable investment when it comes to building a community around your brand and selling your product. Once you have succeeded in identifying the goals of your customer and satisfying their needs, increased revenues are the natural next step. When customers have begun buying your product because of what’s behind the brand and not necessarily for the product itself, you have succeeded.

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