MiklinSEO (by Alex)

Miklin SEO (by alex)

SEO Company in Greenwood Village, CO


MiklinSEO (by Alex) performs only White-Hat optimization. Our clients have never received a penalty.

 What Does SEO Do

Organic  Visibility

Increased Brand Visibility

High Conversation Rates

Competitive Keyword Control

Social Media Visibility

Media Trust

Brand Recognition


10 SEO Tips For Google


SEO Company Greenwood Village


Socially Optimized Keywords

  • SEO Conversion Rate 85%
  • Quality Rankings 93%
  • ROI From SEO 100%


  • Chocolate Package

  • 1 Press Release

  • 25 Hours of Optimization
  • Facebook Optimization
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Strawberry Shortcake

  • Strawberry Short Cake Package

  • 4 Press Releases

  • 100 Hours of Optimization
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Yelp, Instagram, and Four Square 
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